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Genealogy Research Notes of Charlie O'Haver,

a great-great-great grandson of Adam Aronhalt

-- the earliest family member recorded in this ongoing compilation --


I began researching the ARONHALT family history a number of years ago branching off from a study of my own surname of O'Haver. My great-grandfather John William O'Haver and great-grandmother Lydia V. Aronhalt married in 1855 in Hardy County, Virginia (what is now Grant County, West Virginia). They had several children before the marriage ended in divorce about 1880.

Lydia came from a large family. Her father John Aronhalt married Mary "Polly" Kitzmiller in 1827 in Hardy County, Virginia. They were the parents of ten children. But my research ran into a snag with the 1850 Hardy County Census which shows John and the ten children in the household, but Polly's name isn't included. The 1860 Census lists John with less children in the household, but still no wife. I have not found any information to show that Polly died prior to 1850, or if she and John divorced. However, John remarried after 1860 to Isabell S. Lee, and the couple had several children.

Although there are numerous surnames of this family line, I have used the ARONHALT spelling throughout. Among other spellings I've come across -- several of which were handwritten into records by obvious error -- include: Aaronhalt, Aronholt, Aronhault, Arnholt, Arnhart, Erinholt, Erinhold, Ernhart and Earnheart.

Much of the material I have here is from birth, marriage, and death records. Also from gravestones, and obituaries. However, information from these sources is not gospel, as many discrepencies often call for further research. Early family Bible records have been a great source, and some recollections by family members about their kinfolk have added greatly to the interest of the my work.

I haven't laid out this family history strictly as a name-and-date tree. I want it to be entertaining as well, and include information about occupations, hobbies, and unusual happenings wherever possible. Nothing is intended to embarrass anyone, and I would love to hear from other family members and friends who might have additional information and recollections. Please email me at or write me at Charlie O'Haver, 230 Vine Street, Westernport, Maryland 21562.

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